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Aazav is the creation of music producers Kai Altair & Haj i Ji. Their debut album is The Looking Stone: born of community and shared sonic vision that spans from Brooklyn to San Francisco. The dynamic set of tracks moves through evocative down and mid-tempos, to late night dance floor heat, transporting us with music that is both modern and timeless.

Kai delivers stirring vocal dreamscapes supported by driving global rhythms, lush string accompaniment, and deep bass exploration. The songs are odes to the endless journey–tales of archetypal love, open roads, and devotion. Both music and performance are invocations, a compelling balance of live and electronic components.

Aazav steps forward already steeped in co-creations with luminaries of electronic music & bass culture. Rising from deep roots created by Haj with Sub Swara and Freek Factory, other collaborations include Desert Dwellers, David Starfire, Govinda, Kaminanda, Living Light, HÄANA, Biolumigen, and Jon Margulies.

The Looking Stone (album)

by Aazav

Music by Kai Altair & Haj i Ji
Produced by Kai Altair & Haj i Ji
Lyrics/Vocals by Kai Altair
Additional Production & Percussion by Dave Sharma
Mixed by Jon Margulies
Violin by HÄANA
Oud, Bouzouki, Chronomancy by Apollo Santo
Additional Percussion River Guerguerian
String arrangements, Violin, Viola, Cello by Claire Stevenson

Release date:10 June 2019

artwork: HÄANA

artwork: HÄANA

More about Reports Of My Demise... EP

The opener "Down By The Breaker Stone," (co-written by former Sub Swara mate Dave Sharma) is a track at once shatteringly tragic and steppy, deploying a lethal mix of driving beats and divinely layered vocals by Kai Altair and others.  We are immediately transported into the unique elemental landscape which this album inhabits, an underworld where the living retrieve lyrical insights from the ghosts in their moment on the edge.

"Where Will I Go?" is a gorgeous tapestry of light guitar, hand drum and the querying poetry of Sariyah Idan’s vocals.  Though employing a unique arsenal of musical elements, this song carries us along in the quest for meaning within loss.  

If the prior two tracks flirt with the darkness, "Beneath The Sea" fully submerges the listener, and in the same track offers a kind of transformation.  A somber waltz into the depth of fear, longing, and beauty, the vocalist Meaghan Williams opens by letting the listener know “I lived my life near the shore … and walked near the edge/fearful of the calling …”  As the pliant violin by HÄANA and guitar by Jon Margulies wash over us in this emotional track, we are compelled to follow her into the sea, into the fear, into the calling.  

"Night Flight," vocals by Kai Altair, alights the listener in a new direction. Bringing back a beat, we are uplifted in this soaring track which employs again masterful vocal layering and fascinating production elements by Haj. This track dances the edge of light and dark. 

"Fruits of My Labor" brings us way back down to earth. A Haj i Ji cover of the great Lucinda Williams’ original, vocals interpreted by Meaghan, weeping guitar solo from Jon Margulies and stripped down drum performance from River, it’s a little bit country, a little bit blues, all heart.  In many ways the most viscerally emotional track on the album, it brings us home on a satisfying note, where we can savor the fruits of this dip into the depths.  After Haj and Meaghan’s exodus from NYC-on-the-spot scene-ness to the west coast's open country, this song became an unofficial anthem of that journey, the very shift which prompted “Reports of My Demise.” Though not an original,  Haj and crew have made it their own, and it is indeed an offering of palpable love, of the fruits of the labor of the On The Perch family.


artwork: Alice Millar / HÄANA

artwork: Alice Millar / HÄANA

artwork: Mugwort

artwork: Mugwort

'Above & Below' Remix EP [original composition by Haj i Ji and Sera Solstice]

© On The Perch 2016

violin - HÄANA
cello - Raymond Sicam III
percussion - River Guerguerian
vocals/percussion - Imani White

violin recorded at On The Perch Studios, Sonoma, CA
cello recorded at Bunker Studios, New York, NY
percussion/vocals recorded in Asheville, NC
mixed by Jon Margulies, Los Angeles, CA
mastered by Shawn Hatfield, Audible Oddities, Oakland, CA
artwork by Mugwort

Remixed by:

Hobotech | Sub Swara | SUV | RSD | S.B.Yond | HÄANA | Jaxx


Reports Of My Demise... EP

by Haj i Ji

feat. vocalists Kai Altair, Meaghan Williams, Sariyah Idan

released: Sept. 20, 2016 (On The Perch Records)

Reports Of My Demise… encompasses 5 songs about ghosts, love and the ocean, set against an ellipse of changing musical texture. Haj i Ji (formerly Sub Swara, Freek Factory, Nyxyss) and a troika of naiads tell tales of the depths. Each song features lead vocals by either Kai Altair, Sariyah Idan, or Meaghan Williams. From late night Acid-House to soul stirring Torch-Song, Reports Of My Demise... is an elemental sonic journey for the savoring.

“This crew is producing art...conceptual and talented release.” (The Untz)
"Absolutely gorgeous." (Impose Magazine)
"An instant go-to in House sets this fall." (Tune Collective)

Download the press release.
























HÄANA - Skaldic Roulette (Haj i Ji Remix)

released: May 31, 2016 (Paper Gold Records)

Haj i Ji remixes HÄANA’s nordic-tinged track "Skaldic Roulette", and his treatment plays like a short film. The minimal orchestral feel, driving beats, and deep ominous atmospherics lead up to an intense drop.

This is the second release from HÄANA's upcoming Brym Remix Album out 6.28.16 (remixers: Dimond Saints, Sinistarr, Haj i Ji, SOOHAN, Daega Sound, iLko, Subaqueous, and Victorien (of FDVM)).








'Above & Below' Remix EP 

by Haj i Ji

remixed by Hobotech, Sub Swara, SUV, RSD, S.B.Yond, HÄANA, and Jaxx.

released: Feb 9, 2016 (On The Perch Records)

Above & Below alludes to the fundamental spiritual principle, which animates all creative processes. "That which is above is the same as that which is below." Defying easy categorization, this 5-minute moving saga is the debut solo release from Haj i Ji (formerly Sub Swara, Freek Factory, NyxyssRising Smoke of the Hobo Kings). Written as a performance piece for tribal belly dancer Sera Solstice, the song took on a life of its own. A distinct North African dub feel freely interplays with West Coast production elements. The journey-like nature of the composition makes it feel like a small movie unto itself. Above & Below has many call-and-response moments; violin, cello and flute are punctuated by dark electronic synths and intricate percussion (darbuka, ashiko, frame drum, djembe). Ethereal vocals float over the top as the whole proceeding builds to a dramatic climax.


Hobotech (LA): the creation of producer/DJ Jon Margulies. His sound has been described as "George Clinton meets Datsik." Hobotech gives Above & Below a full-bounce funky rework.

Sub Swara (NYC): genre-bending bass music unit from Brooklyn, NY. Their music is meticulously crafted for dance floor intensity and cerebral curiosity. In their remix, they explore a futurist tribal domain.

SUV (Bristol, UK): Playside label boss SUV is a seminal figure in the history of Drum n Bass. A founding member of Reprazent, he is a global ambassador of the Bristol sound. From SUV we get two remixes: a D'n'B roller with label mate Jaxx, and a 120bpm dance floor-ready take that does not stray far from the original arrangement.

RSD (Bristol, UK): the current moniker of Rob Smith. Formerly a member of Bristol's Smith & Mighty who produced Massive Attack's first single 'Any Love.' RSD drops two mixes: a Dubstep workout and a stripped down Dub.

S.B.Yond (NYC): producer/guitarist, S.B. YonD is a talented fusionist drawn to elaborate digital orchestration. In his treatment, S.B. develops on the original theme into something completely his own.

HÄANA (LA): producer/violinist, fresh and upcoming voice in the North American bass music scene. Her production sensibility is informed by her natural gift for melody. HÄANA's violin work is featured prominently in the original composition, and for her remix she explores a darker sound with a slowed down Dubstep feel.


photo: Mobhouse

photo: Mobhouse